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Bit Inc. is a complete, self-contained software platform for cryptocurrency ICO (initial Coin Offer) trading wallet. It is designed to make the entire process of discovering, tracking and managing ICO investments as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Whether you’re a complete cryptocoin newbie or a seasoned blockchain veteran, you will appreciate the ease of use, control, and convenience Bit Inc offers.

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17,532+ Members

Step 1: Get a BitInc Wallet.
If you don't have wallet click here to head over to Registration and get your wallet.

15 Countries

Step 2: Buy Some BitInc Coins.
You can now purchase BitInc Coins starting at $100 on our website. We also do offer an escrow service if needed.

2,31,219 Tokens

Step 3: Receive Your Profits.
After your purchase Coins in your wallet. We will then transfer 10% payout every month into your wallet.

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Start an ICO Investment Plan

Ethereum (ETH) equivalent to $300 required to start the plan; more information available on the Investment Plan Section.

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