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Welcome To Bit Inc.
A very warm welcome to all of our friends and colleagues. My name is Steve Gates, and I lead the team here at Bit Inc. This is an exciting milestone in our history, and I would love to share a bit of the backstory, mission, and vision.

First Off, What Is Apex You in your opinion?
“The definition of Apex is the top or highest part of something. It is a pinnacle of sorts, something high and lofty“ My mind instantly goes to a climber ascending the peak of a mountain. And as a matter of fact, there was a mountain top experience of my own a few years back that played a part in us being here today.

A Quick Story

Several years ago, my friend and business partner here at Bit Inc. was skiing with me in Colorado. After a morning of criss-crossing the mountain, we sat down for a break to discuss the afternoon. We looked at the map and began to plan the strategy when James looked up to me and said, "What about that?" pointing to the mountain behind us.

Now the "what about that" happened to be the tallest peak in the area - right at about 13,000 feet (pictured above). Instantly, I knew what he was proposing, and instantly I knew that mountain top was in my future. We both looked at each other with a nod and a smile and both decided we would call our lovely wives after we got down.

As we set out to ascend the mountain, it was interesting to me how the further up the mountain we went, the less people we saw. Down at the base where everything was easy there were tons of people enjoying all the creature comforts that come with being at the base of a mountain in a resort town - hot chocolate, comfy chairs, the works. But the higher up we got - when the stakes were greater - the more I realized two things: “The chair lifts got ricketier and ricketier and the people were fewer and fewer.”

The whole way up, the mountain top was coming more and more into view. Funnily enough, I remember looking over to James and telling him that it was actually looking easier to me the higher we were getting. Little did I know what was about to be in store.

As we de-embarked the final lift we discovered that particular chair lift happened to be the highest in North America. Pretty cool stat, but there was a problem. You see, what you couldn't tell from the ground is that the final chair lift doesn't actually take you to the top of the mountain. It takes you to a point that you then have to hike to the top of the mountain.

How many times do you start something only to get half way there and realize you didn't fully know what you signed up for?
With skis thrown over the shoulder, we set to hike the 45-degree angle to the top of the peak. Not being used to that elevation, and certainly not being used to wearing ski boots and carrying gear up at that elevation, every step of the climb was torturous. There were times I could only take a couple of steps then have to stop to catch my breath. There were times I looked up and thought Why did I do this...I paid for this?! There were times I wondered if I could even do it. And then we reached the summit, the apex if you will.

Once reached, I quickly forgot the struggle it had taken to get there. This new perspective was so grand, so expansive - that it was almost as though I valued the struggle all the more. Many times since then I've wondered if I would have done it had I been on my own or would I have given up somewhere along the way? Maybe I wouldn't have even started! Together though, we could encourage one another along the unknown journey. Together we could literally go to places neither of us could have gotten to on our own. Iron sharpens iron.

I heard a phrase once that basically said we take for granted things that are easily achieved. While true, I believe the inverse is also true. We cherish things that cost us something. This climb had cost us something, but now I saw the worth.

As we surveyed the journey we had just been on, we knew another journey was set before us...getting down. After enjoying the view for a few more minutes, we decided to ski down a ridge line to try and find a good entry point. Quickly we noticed that no one else was going that way, and then all of the sudden we knew why. We had skied to the end of the line and ropes were blocking off the path, so we had to turn down the mountain.

How many times do you try to take the "easy" way out of a challenging circumstance only to realize it was really the hard way?
Now I wish you could have been there because the main reason we had skied so far down the ridge line was so we could avoid the most challenging entry points. Turns out, we had skied ourselves into the proverbial corner and were faced with having to go down the mountain in probably the most challenging spot of all.


We both looked down, then looked back at each other. Looked around, then looked back at each other. Then James said those fateful last words, "Well, here goes..."

Over the next 30 minutes, together, we made our way down the mountain. It was challenging. It was more than what I thought I was signing up for, and there were plenty of times I wished we hadn't done it. But as we got closer and closer back to the base of the mountain, I began to feel that same feeling from the top of the mountain.

I knew what we had done was not easily attained. There was something special about that. As we sat back in the same spot we sat before going up the mountain there was a sense of pride and accomplishment. Not because we were necessarily the best skiers (we weren't), but because we had faced and conquered that challenge together.

So, What Does This Mean For You?
It is in the spirit of facing and conquering challenges together that we hope to be a pillar for Apex.

Achieving anything of value is hard, costs us something (not just financially), and almost always involves a community of people around us. The same is true for you my dear investors, and it is our desire to do something about it.

With the speed at which technology changes, we want to foster the community and resources to keep you at the top of your game. From purposeful discussions to timely product support, think of Bit Inc. as your partner both up and down the mountain of your digital business - to be the place where you feel connected, and cared for.

Part of that will be our responsibility and part of it will be yours. We invite you to take part in contributing to this special community. Let's work together to make it a place we can all be proud of. You have our commitment to lead the way, and we would be honored to have you join us.

Whether that be sharing a tip that helped you solve a problem or replying to a colleague who is struggling with something you've experienced, there are countless ways we can all come together. It is my hope that this heart of service be ingrained into the very fabric of this group.

There is much we have planned for this community including guest experts, exclusive content, and other resources to help along the way. But for today, a simple marker on the journey...the beginning. From the entire Bit Inc. team, we wish you a very warm welcome to our new home.

Kick up your feet and stay a while, and remember we are a family!

Best Regards
Steve Gates
Founder CEO - Bit Inc.

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